Asparagus Wraps

For 2 persons you need:

  • 1 bunch

    of green asparagus

  • 1 bag

    of Mr. Wraps wheat wraps

  • 2 tbsp

    of oil

  • 1

    tomato, quartered

  • 1 jar

    of Fiesta Mexicana Nacho Jalapeños

  • 1 jar

    of Antica Cantina Dip Guacamole Style

  • Some

    Salad leaves, washed, drizzled with vinaigrette

preparation time approx. 20 min.

Peel the under third of the green asparagus spears. Do not cook or (better) steam them too soft (about 8-10 minutes). Fry the tortillas in a little oil, put some cheese dip on top and wrap half of the asparagus in each tortilla. Pour some Guacamole Style Dip onto 2 plates, arrange the lettuce, some jalapeños and tomatoes on top and place the asparagus tortillas in the middle.

you need one of each: